5th Norwich Film Festival Selection

This is the official selection of films screened at the 2015 Norwich Film Festival. If you want to see yours up here, why not submit your film to the 2016 Norwich Film Festival.

2015 Nominees

Best Short


Best Animated Film


Best Student Film



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25 Frames per Second (Kerrin Kokot, 1m, South Africa)


A Good Book Has No Ending (Luke Graham, 7m, UK)

A Problem Shared (Ed Cripps, 13m, UK)

A Shot in the Dark (Josh McKamie & Andy Swanson, 1m, USA)

Alien Communications (Kurtis Theorin & Kris Theorin, 9m, Chile)

Alouette (Michaela Kurimsky, 13m, Serbia)


B-Flat (Mariana Youssef, 24m, Brazil)

The Bigger Picture (Daisy Jacobs, 8m, UK)

Bill (Oscar Nobi, 7m, UK)

Black Cloud (Ross Hendrick, 1m, Australia)

Bomb (Sam Brewster, 1m, UK) (Andi Osho & Adam Recht, 5m, UK)

Bye Bye Chance (Sylvia Borges, 1m, Argentina)

Bye Bye Dandelion (Isabel Garrett, 3m, UK)


Carry On (Yatao Li, 16m, Italy)

Confined (Tim Mattson, 1m, Islamic Republic of Iran)

Connection (Ira Elshansky, 1m, Japan)

Cortez (Jagroop Singh, 11m, Argentina)


The Deal (Edward Howes, 3m, UK)

Destroyer (Kerrin Kokot, 1m, South Africa)


Force (Phillip Whiteman & Danny Gomez, 1m, India)


The Generous Mugger (Patrick Parkinson, 1m, USA)

Gentlemen (Grace Plimpton-Sims, 4m, USA)

Grimace (Levi Caleb Smith, 1m, Canada)


The Hedgehog (Chris Lee, 7m, UK)

Help Point (Andrew Margetson, 13m, UK)


I Owe You (Mike McNeese, 13m, USA)


Knock Knock (Jeff Betancourt, 13m, Portugal)


The Jigsaw (Rashad Al-Safar, 9m, Portugal & UK)


Letters (Anthony Hett, 9m, UK)

Lonely Hearts (Leon Chambers, 11m, Spain)


Mean Teddies (Tyler Novo, 2m, Serbia)

Money Box (Muzappar Osman, 5m, USA)

Mr Plastimime (Daniel Greaves, 10m, UK)


Nayan and the Evil Eye (Shaleen Sangha, 8m, Israel)

Nightmare on Cork Street (Lucas Paio, 1m, Brazil & Germany)

Nine (Wanichaya Phraejunya, 9m, Thailand)

No Love Lost (Shekhar Bassi, 15m, France)


One-Minute Time Machine (Devon Avery, 6m, USA)


Rise (Wyatt Maw, 25m, USA)


Scarlet Says (Marley Grenville, 9m, UK)

Schrödinger’s Bed (Michael Murnau, 1m, Russian Federation)

Spamorama (Mondo Ghulam, 3m, UK)

Sugar Rush (Yvonne Zacharias, 1m, Germany)

Sumer (Alvaro Garcia, 10m, Spain & UK)

Supersnackers (Rahdy Elwan, 1m, UK)


That’s Not Me (Daniel Harding, 10m, Spain)

The Tale of the Day (Ying-Fang Shen, 15m, UK)

The Taste of Korea (Jaebin Han, 1m, Republic of Korea)

Tinker (Lou Ward, 4m, USA)

To Live For (Philip Pugh, 1m, USA)

Trial by Fire (Drew McDonnell, 22m, UK)

Tuck Me In (Ignacio F. Rodó, 1m, Chile)


Undressed (Rahdy Elwan, 15m, UK)


Wax (James Ballard & Paul Henri, 2m, UK)

Short Screenplays



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